Beyond time and space

tantric-loversShe’s his essence; he’s hers,
They complement each other
Like light and warmth of sacred lamp;
She’s his fulfillment; he, hers,
They together light lamp of love
Like wick and oil in sanctum sanctorum.

She rises like sun in his soul,
Washes gloom from his whole,
In layers she brings colours of hopes;
He’s her spirit, cause of life,
Her light, her existential fight,
That navigates her life to endless time.

He’s naught in her absence,
She’s void without his presence,
Together make world, they truly heaven;
He finds in all, her reflections,
She figures his soul all around,
They find their joy in each other’s fold.

Rare lovers beyond time and space,
They find in each other all sense
To their lives that wither without each other;
They feel like birds without wings,
Or plants do without roots to hold,
While left unstuck from the other’s presence.

Yet, fate is wild, oft keeps apart,
Her and him from the other’s sight,
That tears their hearts, bleeds their soul;
They bear all for the future’s sake,
For, they know, it’s time’s trick
To test their bond that never ever snaps.

They know, theirs, impregnable bond,
That carries them on beyond lives
Without being touched by the mortal shocks;
Yet games fate plays do hurt them
And distress fills here and now,
While find they themselves oft thrown apart.

By Praveen Kumar  Celestial Glow


About Mrs Poetry

Always in love with music, art and the beauty of this world..
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