Love in the Time of Monsters


This is a story about the
monsters and lovers
and the gory pawns in between.

This is a story about how
they become the same thing.

How my ribs break themselves
to let her scrape her way between
the flesh of my lungs.
How I bleed.
How she screams.
How mouths only know how to bruise.
How the moonlight bathes
us in the brightest kind of light.
How nerves electrify.
How hearts terrify.
How she shows her teeth
and the spine quivers.

How she is the most tender lover
I have ever known.

we howl at the stars together.
we swallow each other whole.

— Emily Palermo, Love in the Time of Monsters


About Mrs Poetry

Always in love with music, art and the beauty of this world..
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