Yoshiko Sai (佐井好子) – Taiji No Yume (胎児の夢) [1977]

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Japan. Since the end of WWII, eroticism had been gradually making its way into Japanese cinema. The first kiss to be seen in film, discreetly half-hidden by an umbrella, caused a national sensation in 1946. Although throughout the 40’s and early 50’s nudity in Japanese movie theaters, as in most of the world, was a taboo, some films from the mid-50s began showing more flesh than would have previously been even imaginable in the Japanese cinema.

During the same period, the taiyozoku films on the teen-age SunTribe, such as Ko Nakahira’sCrazed Fruit (1956), introduced unprecedented sexual frankness into Japanese films. Foreign films of this time, such as Ingmar Bergman’sSummer With Monika (1953), Louis Malle’sLes Amants (1958), introduced female nudity into international cinema, and were imported to Japan without problem.

Summer With MonikaSummer With Monika

Nevertheless, until the early 1960s, graphic depictions of nudity

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